Learning Through Play in the Early Years - Company Message
We understand the importance of parents involvement in their child's learning. We have a range of ways to get parents involved in the setting.
Following a recent questionnaire for parents we are introducing some new ways to get parents involved in their child's learning.
Parents evening
This is a chance for you to have a 1-1 chat with your child's keyworker. You can discuss any concerns or issues you have, help plan next steps for your child. You will also be able to look through your child's learning journey.
Parent stay and play
This is a chance for you to come and take part in a session. This will give you first hand experience of what happens when you are not there. You will be able to see how your child interacts with the staff and other children and how they play at preschool.
Parents forum
This would be an informal meeting once a term for parents to come in and chat with staff about fundraising events, improvements you would like to see, and ask questions about how children learn.
Parents skills
We want parents that have a skill such as cooking, reading, acting, dancing or singing etc. to come into the setting and take part in a planned activity with staff and children.
Parent observation
Once every half term we send home a form asking for parents to observe their child at home. We can then use this to inform planning and your child's next steps. It makes up part of your child's learning journey.
Parent planning
On our notice boards you will find information about what we are doing that week and next week. You will find post it notes ready for you to add your ideas. We can then use your ideas to inform our planning.
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