Learning Through Play in the Early Years - Company Message
Settling in
One improvement we are making this year is our settling in procedure. From April our settling in procedure will be as follows.
Home visit
Two member of staff will come and visit you and your child at home. One of us will play with your child with one of their favourite toys or something we bring from the setting. The other member of staff will chat to you about your child's needs and interests. We will also fill out the registration forms together.
Getting to know you sessions
We will then invite you are your child to come and play in the setting for an hour. You and your child will get to look around the setting, meet the staff and children and have a play.
Following this we will invite your child to come in and play with their keyworker without you for an hour. This will prepare them for the transition from home to preschool.
Depending how your child is during these sessions we will then invite your child to start their sessions. If you feel it would benefit your child you can start of with shorter sessions and build them up. Although we think most children will be fine with a whole session after the settling in procedure.
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