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A day at preschool

This is how a fun filled day at Sunbeams goes, (usually)


Children are welcomed by our friendly staff. Keyworkers are on hand to give children a cuddle and some reassurance. 


Each area of the preschool is thoughtfully designed to ensure children have space to explore, play and rest. With access to endless resources children love playing the day away. Our creative station, paint making station and playdough bars, are a popular choice for children wanting to explore their creativity. 


Each of our preschools has an outdoor classroom. Children explore the natural world and learn about the environment. Children help with gardening, tend to the vegetable patch and care for our pets. With space to build on their physical skills children can run, climb, ride bikes or take part in a yoga session in the sun. The mud kitchen and potion making stations are perfect for children to investigate and explore. 


Snack time is an opportunity to eat with friends and discuss the food we are eating. Children enjoy eating food they have grown in the garden. Preparing the snack is part of the fun as children learn how to cut fruit and pour their own drinks. 

Group time

Large group activities focus on physical well being. Children benefit from keep fit sessions, music and movement and yoga sessions. 

Small group time focuses on communication and language development. Keyworkers plan short activities that focus on each child's stage of development. 


Our wonderful french teach comes every week to teach children new vocabulary through song, dance and story. Children and staff enjoy these sessions thoroughly. They are a wonderful way to build on children's listening and understanding skills. 


Children enjoy a story and some favourite songs before we say our goodbyes. A calming time after a busy day of playing. Staff are on hand to talk to parents about their day. 

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